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"What Is CBD?"

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol, the second most common cannabinoid found in the Hemp plant. Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, non- addictive substance. CBD acts on on the CB2 receptor found naturally in the Endocannabinoid System of all Mammals. 

"Does CBD get you 'High'?"

No. The ‘high’ that people achieve when consuming Marijuana comes from the psychoactive compound known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Products taken to achieve a ‘high’ are generally from Cannabis plants with a natural high level of THC or from strains bred specifically to maximise the amount of THC available. Hope CBD Oil comes from industrial hemp plants that are specifically bred to be the exact opposite, high in Cannabidiol (CBD) and having only trace elements of THC. Our CBD Liquid is made with CBD Isolate that is lab tested per batch to ensure there is less than 0.2% THC present.

"Is CBD E-Liquid legal in the UK?"

Yes. Our CBD E-Liquid is created with legally grown organic hemp, and is not illegal to possess or to use.

"What benefits does CBD E-Liquid have?"

There are many reported benefits of CBD E-Liquid, but we cannot discuss or advise our customers on ANY of these. We are not licensed medical professionals, and we are not selling a medicinal product. Our standard line will be: 

"There is a large amount of research and studies that have been done on CBD and it's effects, and we advise you conduct your own research into this product or speak to a medical professional before use."

"Will it interfere or have any contraindications with other medicine?"

Speak to your GP. We cannot comment as we are not medical professionals.

"What does it taste like?"

Our CBD E-Liquid comes in three flavours, and it tastes as you would expect. We worked with Hope to lend them our E-Liquid Expertise in creating this product. Especially at the higher strength, there may be a slight "Earthy" undertone, but generally speaking, if you weren't told it contained CBD, you wouldn't taste it in there. There is no "weedy" taste in there at all.

"Does it feel like normal Nicotine containing E-Liquid when inhaling?"

CBD E-Liquid has almost zero throat hit whatsoever, and will feel like a 0mg E-Liquid.

"This is only 500mg, that's not very strong. I've seen people selling like 2000mg!"

It is important to note that the strength as indicated on CBD products (both ours, and any others on the market), is different than Nicotine:

Nicotine is usually sold as for example; "3mg", or more specifically, 3mg/ml. This means that for every millilitre of liquid, there is 3mg of nicotine. So a 10ml bottle, would contain 30mg in total.

For CBD, it is sold as how many milligrams are in the entire bottle. So our 10ml bottle of 500mg CBD, contains 500mg in total in the entire bottle, and is actually 3 times more concentrated than for example, a competitors 500mg bottle that is 30ml. 

Despite the fact that you will see higher milligram products being sold online (1000mg, 2000mg, etc), these will be in larger capacity bottles and therefore, be less concentrated than if they were in a 10ml bottle like ours. 

500mg in a 10ml bottle (AKA 5%), like we have created, is about as concentrated and strong as you can get for CBD E-Liquid, before it starts to separate and become unusable and unstable.

"Are There Any Side Effects?"

Speak to your GP. We are not medical professionals and cannot give medical advice.

"Does CBD E-Liquid Contain Nicotine?"


"I've seen people talking about ingesting CBD liquid or putting it under their tongue. Can I do that with this E-Liquid?"

While there is nothing in this E-Liquid that would make it harmful to ingest, we do not recommend this. This has been specially formulated to be used in a vaping device.